Meet Jeff & Kathy Vale

Both of us grew up in The Salvation Army.  Here we had a really good basis of the biblical teachings, however it was not until we were and 18 and 22 (Kathy and Jeff respectively) that we had an encounter from Holy Spirit.  He opened our eyes to a whole other world where Christianity came alive for both of us.

Jeff was a Youth Worker at the time and was able to teach the youth about The Spirit, His gifts and how to follow Jesus more.  After getting married and having 2 of our 4 children we entered The Salvation Army Training College and became Pastors.

We felt after many years with The Salvation Army it was time to leave and started attending a Vineyard Church in the Yarra Valley.  Here we were exposed to the Prophetic Ministries under the leadership of Kevin and Kerri Butterfield.   Jeff was blessed to go with a team to the School of the Prophets at Bethel and we have continued to grow in this ministry.

We had the opportunity to lead Firestarters and Prophetic Booths.

Our heart is to see people coming closer to God, being released, obedient to Him and then able to listen to His voice and continue to grow and take up their place in the Kingdom.

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