Conquering the Fear pandemic by Mike Hendrick

“One word from God can alter the trajectory of our lives forever.  This word invites us into a journey with God that we may have never considered.”pg 5

Mike received a prophetic word that changed his life forever.  A prophetess shared specifics about the journey he had been on and has eventually led to Mike sharing his very personal story about being bullied and abused throughout his life. God brought him people at different times in his life, who directed him to look to God to overcome.  Once living and reacting in Fear he has learned to forgive, receive healing and look at life differently. 

“Anxiety makes us fearful.  The root word for “anxious” or “anxiety” in the Greek merimnao is described as pulled apart or divided into pieces.  Anxiety pulls us apart internally and divides our thinking.  Anxiety distracts us from the peace and goodness of God in our lives and takes us away from it.  We were never meant to live in a place of anxiety.  Anxiety roots itself in fear and prides itself in trying to make something happen that God did not want to happen…………. When we live in peace, we will be in a trust-based relationship with our Heavenly Father, knowing that He is with us and has our best interests at heart.”pg 134 

Mike knows that fear does not just go away, however he now has the tools to silence his fears and listen to God’s voice above all.  In addition to sharing his story, he has found God’s word as his strength and basis for living in victory today. 

I found this book easy to read, current and helpful.  I’ve been trying to read another book for the website, and it’s taken me quite a while (still not there).  However, I ordered this book on Amazon and as soon as it came, I was into it.  It only took me a short couple of weeks, which is quick for me.  Mike only published this book at the end of 2020, and it is very relevant with the COVID pandemic running wild throughout the world.  With this pandemic, fear has been evident in the media and as a consequence people have been plagued by fear.  As God’s people we need all the tools we can being equipped to overcome this fear, the enemy. 

As Mike discusses, fear can be the beginning for many other things such as self-doubt, shame, perfectionism and rejections.  God does not want this for His children and in Mike sharing his story we too can find victory over these things. By the power of a shared story and more importantly the Power of God behind us to change.  Thank you Mike for being brave enough to share your story and being an awesome witness to the Power of our loving God. 

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  1. Thank you so much for reviewing my book Kathy. I appreciate it and your honest feedback. Your ministry has been a blessing to me as well.

    Mike Hendrick

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