Culture of honour

In Australia honor is something that we have not really taken on strongly in our culture.  Whilst in Thailand recently we were talking with a Burmese Taylor.  He lives in Thailand for long periods of time away from his family.  He sends money home to his family to live.  His parents are at the age that they are looking to their children to live with.

This gentlemen was not going to argue, he was submitting, honouring his parents by accepting their choice and he was going to work with this.  In our culture we could object and make other arrangements.  We also tend to pull people down (tall poppy syndrome).  It is time we looked at the Bible and see the honor as a way of life.

Loren discusses many biblical passages to support this such as Ephesians 2:2-3 “Honor your father and mother, so that it may be well with you, and that you may live long on the earth”.  He commands honor and then it is followed with blessing.  “Honor given to one edifies many” (Chapter 8, page116).  In our church at the time we started practising honoring each other and noticed the blessing, people were feeling valued, precious to the kingdom and the community.  This changed the atmosphere and God was able to move more freely.

There are many other interesting and encouraging elements discussed in this book.  I’ve looked at 2 points that particularly spoke to me at the time of reading.  It was easy to read and definitely a good way to assess how your church is going with some ideas on how to improve elements to be the church God wants us to be.

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