Fire Starters- Pursuing Passion, Purpose and Power by Kevin Dedmon

Image result for firestarters kevin dedmonThis is a course that is run over 8-12 weeks. The course establishes that God is in a good mood. He loves us and loves spending time with us. As the course goes our true identity in Christ is discussed. By the time these topics are covered the passion to follow God is growing even more than before. You experience activations together, practising different elements (healing, encouraging words etc), and speaking God’s words over each other.

Then the Power to live, pray, heal the sick and prophesy is covered in Section 3. Jeff and I found this a great experience where our prophetic gifting and our walk with God was reignited and a lot of healing took place. When asked to join in on this course I was not in a great space, suffering from anxiety and being hurt. God is so good because as this course progressed I was beginning to have victory over anxiety.  God, through our groups prayers and words of encouragement, brought healing to me.

We then proceeded to be group leaders in the next course and enjoyed seeing other experience similar victories and beginning to hear God’s voice more clearly. It was a safe place to practise prophesying and challenge ourselves and each other to keep listening to God.

The words that were spoken at this time still have amazing power and still speak to me today. If you have to opportunity to join a group in your area go for it. It is awesome!!

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