Force multipliers: Moses

The book discusses Moses and the concept of the Force Multiplier.  “A force multiplier is a factor that, when added, dramatically increases (hence “multiplies”) the combat effectiveness of a military force.  Where prophetic impact, or even our lives are concerned, force multipliers make us bigger and stronger than we would be as one man or woman alone” (Chapter 7, page 101)

Although Moses did not want to go and talk to Pharaoh he chose to do this and was faithful to God.  He persisted even when there were 10 plagues, the red sea in the way and every time Israel was going off track.  He was faithful and God blessed him, multiplying his effectiveness.

This concept spoke to me as sometimes we can feel small, not that grand, however when we are faithful, speak God’s words over people, he is the force multiplier making the difference and the power in what is said.

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