Heavy Rain by Kris Vallotton

Heavy Rain – How to Flood Your World with God’s transforming Power (revised and updated edition) by Kris Vallotton

Heavy Rain: How to Flood Your World with God's Transforming Power

Kris starts this book in the place where I am at right now.  We are just longing for more in the church community.  More of Jesus, more of the Father, more of the Holy Spirit and new ways of “doing church”, etc.  I’m not sure what this looks like yet, but it was like Kris has been listening to Jeff and I in our discussions.

Kris and his family had just moved to Redding, California when he was praying and the Lord spoke to him saying the following:

  • “There is a new epoch season emerging in this hour much like the Protestant Reformation, there is another reformation coming that will unearth the very foundation of Christianity.  This move of the Spirit will absolutely redefine your ideologies and philosophies concerning what the Church is and how she should function.”  I asked Him, `What will this transition look like?`  He said, `My Church is moving from denominationalism to apostleship’” (Page 27).

He goes on to define them as follows:

  • Denominationalism – “believers gather around doctrinal agreement and divide when they disagree.”
  • Apostleships – “rally around fathers, mothers and families”.   (page 27)

He goes into much more detail exploring these and in doing so shares the story of how Bethel has been dealing with these changes.  (Chapter 6)

Below I recorded some of my favorite bits:

  • “The difference between those who do something and those who don’t is that those who do something….do something!!” Banning Liebscher (Page 157)
  • “The stories go on and on, both in the pages of Scripture and ever since.  What is your excuse for not fulfilling your call” Get over it!  God is famous for accomplishing extraordinary things with ordinary people.” (Page 161)
  • “Courage is a catalyst to great leadership and life full of purpose” (Page 163)
  • List of 15 Attributes of humility – pg 182
  • “Religion wants to tame people, domesticate the masses and get them to keep the rules.  But new ideas are never discovered behind the iron bars of the zoo.  It is only in the uncharted jungle of life that new realities and opportunities are revealed.  If we are going to become a house of heroes, we need fresh ideas, untried solutions, innovation and bold, courageous thoughts delivered by risk takers, not zookeepers.” Page 186

 The quote above is what got me looking at this book.  Kris Valloton has facebook pages come up with pictures, quotes and part of this came up.  It spoke to both Jeff and I and so we purchased the book.

  • The Art of Confrontation Page 203-6
  • “Dreamers and visionaries, take your places in the downpour of the Spirit’s rain.  Let it fill the pores of your soul with hope that feels, faith that sees and love that never fails!” Page 224

The last part of this book really moved me.  There were a lot of areas discussed in this book:  Church, great people, events in history, ISIS, courage, vision etc.  However, the last page and a half is Kris’ vision that God had given him about the future.  This vision causes him to follow God’s heart as closely as he can, as he realises if we get this wrong or right this is going to affect our children’s, children’s, children.  That we have a responsibility, legacy to share God’s heart, listen to it and act on it so that He can Flood our world with God’s transforming Power: So that God’s “Holy Spirit can be poured out on all flesh”.

This is a great read, with perhaps some different ideas to the mainstream and many topics to contemplate and make your own conclusions.  However, the entirety of the book has an underlying current of the need to bring more people into relationship with Jesus and His name is to be glorified!  When this happens not only people’s lives, churches and towns/cities can be affected, but the world can be changed and caught up in God’s love.

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