Jeff’s Word 8/8/20

Jeff’s Word 8/8/20


I had a dream of what God was doing in this Unsettling time around the globe. 

In my dream there was a variety of food spread out on a large long table.  It looked like the best spread of food you just wanted to get your mouth into.  You would salivate just looking at the complete spread of yummy food.  God then said, “no this is for not now”.  Then I thought wow all this food not being touched and will go off, mouldy, go to waste and be thrown out in the bin.  But this is not what happened, as I noticed that all the food began to be prepared to be stored.  The strawberries were boiled, sugar added and made into a Preservative Jam.  The meat was bagged, and air sucked out and then frozen to the Preserved.  The oranges were preserved and made into marmalade.  Items were pickled, some were fermented in Alcohol.  This went on and on, with everything on the table PRESERVED.    The table was clear, everything stored for later use. 

God then said, “This is the season of PRESERVING, the season of waiting, to conserve, to take care of and to safeguard.”  So often in our current society, we have the idea that we can get what we want, when we want it, and we don’t care about anyone or anything that is in the way.  In a sense we believe that we can have our own free vending machine, that just at a push of a button things just fall into our lap.  God said to me, that this is a time to readjust what we know, what we have learned, what it important to us, and how we live our lives.  It’s time to step away from the table and look around at what is important to us.  For some this will not be easy, for others a walk in the park.  Some of the food items on the table needed to be fully transformed, other items stayed in their true form.  For example, the fruit needed to be boiled for a while, additives like sugar etc added and then put in a jar.  Some items needed to be pickled, however some Items like meat just needed packed and frozen. 

God then said that the items on the table will always be available to us.  If you wait many of the items are so much better than in their original form.   I want you to have the very best of what I can offer you, sometimes that just not in the NOW, but in the Preserving, the waiting for what is better to come.  Take a look around of what is important, what do you need to take care of, who do you need to safeguard.  He went on to say, look after those around you, your family, your friends, these are the important things.  You may find this process of not getting and doing what you want as difficult, you may even find that at the other end you will be different.  This is a time to let me do the work. Let me be in total control.  The time for extraordinary “FAITH” is now.  The Lord says let me be the “PRESERVER”.  If you do, I promise you will be the better for it, you will be transformed.  Right now, you may even just feel ordinary, not knowing what to do, what the future holds, but be encouraged that I’m still in control and as you wait on me to do the “PRESERVING”, trust me He said, it’s worth the wait.  I will take care of you, safeguard you and protect you during this time.  It’s a time not to DO but WAIT.  A time is coming when priorities will be re-shaped, families will be made whole again, authentic communities will be a reality, and individuals will know what true purpose in life is. 

Isaiah 40:31
Yet those who wait for the Lord. They will mount up with wings like eagles,

They will run and not get tired,They will run and not get tired,
They will walk and not become weary.

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  1. Thanks Jeff. Thanks for sharing what God has said to you. It is encouraging to be reminded to WAIT and know that God will take care of us. God has us safe and secure in his hands.

  2. Wow thats amazing Jeff as I am waiting to move to Tasmania

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