Prophetic Company: the joyful journey toward building prophetic community by Dan McCollam

Prophetic Company: the joyful journey toward building prophetic community by Dan McCollam

I loved reading this book.  The ideas, structures and training that Dan discusses are something to think about as any prophetic company grows.

Dan had a friend who asked him “Are we a prophetic company, or do we just love prophecy?” (Good question!!) Dan didn’t know how to answer this and his friend did not give him an answer, well not the answer that he wanted anyway.  His friend suggested that it would be a great 1-year conversation with the Holy Spirit!  So, Dan proceeded to go on a journey to discover what a prophetic company looks like biblically and then shares his own experiences within Bethel School of Prophets and The Mission California.   Although he outlines what both these places have done he is very explicit in saying that is for them.  Some places may have similarities and others may look completely different, depending what God has for them.

One of his discoveries was as follows:

“First of all, in a prophetic company, it is believed that everyone can prophesy.  A prophetic company fulfils the dream of God that every son and daughter prophesy by the outpouring of His Holy Spirit.  A prophetic company understands that though everyone can prophesy, not everyone prophesies the same way.” Page 125

As I am reading prophetic books I am always questioning, assessing and trying to find a place where I fit in the prophetic bunch (or community).  Dan gives a framework for this, discussing the many types of prophetic people or those called to the office of prophet.  He discusses his 5 spoke approach (page 51-84).  The 5 spokes are team members, team coaches, seers and mystics, prophets and presbyters.

The book gives many ideas but it could be a little overwhelming if not for Dan’s wise counsel. Dan assists this by giving an awesome starting point by providing 9 questions which assist in helping to start and develop a prophetic company.

If you are looking to develop or even to understand what a “prophetic company” is then this is a great starting point.


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