Secrets of the Seer by Jamie Galloway – 10 Keys to activating Seer Encounters

Secrets of the Seer by Jamie Galloway

Some of the books that I have reviewed so far have been fairly easy to read.  While this is easy to read the words, the content is one that it needs to be read with time to process.  I’ve only read it once so far but it is the kind of book that I want to read again to really let it sink in, practise and grow from.

All is pretty good during Chapter 1, “The Seer’s Secret”, until Chapter 2.  Jamie Galloway is describing multiple realities, which reminded both Jeff and I of the Matrix.  He is suggesting that both heaven and earth need to be put back into alignment and that Heaven is not just a place we go when we die.  It is something to mull over and talk to God about how that works.  He says the following on pg 30:

“What if I told you the original man was created to live in two places at one time—that God made Adam and Eve to walk with Him in the cool of the Garden of Eden and at the same time have access to Him in heavenly places?  What if I told you that as a new creation in Christ, you are in two places at one time as well?”

I believe that there is what is in the natural and supernatural, however his thoughts seem to be taking this to another level, even suggesting that when miracles take place that we are seeing the attributes, or even possibly seeing Heaven, right here and now.  A good thought provoker!!

Another point that Jamie makes is that if we are eagerly seeking these gives of a seer, don’t do it for any other reason then to be closer to Jesus.  Each time he has experienced encounters he knows it is to draw him closer to the father’s heart and he “wants a deeper revelation of God.”pg181

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  1. Thanks so much you two, it’s a wonderful way to get a book review from some one who is prophetic, practical ,loves Jesus and has a great heart for his people to move into their identity and destiny .
    Love what you are doing…keep it up and be blessed
    Holy Spirit Cheers

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