The words that you have received/or going to receive is given for free.  It is God who speaks these words and the Glory is given to him.  We have hesitated to put this section on this website.  Over the years I have looked at many prophetic websites and cringed at the thought of asking people pay for a word from God. ·

However, we have both felt led to put seeding on the website.  Over recent times at church we have been blessed to hear Paul de Jong speaking on his book, “God, Money and Me” in which he discusses the concept that he lives by, Tithing, Seeding, Saving and Spending.  Seeding is about seeing a harvest by investing into others.   Essentially our heart of Unvaling the Prophetic is to empower others to hear God’s voice, to teach, to speak and pass on the message of God’s word.

If you feel led by the spirit to support us in this way then please do and Thank you.  If you are not led to do this then please don’t, and Thank you for considering.  Either way may God bless you and draw you closer to Him.

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