Shifting Atmospheres – Discerning and Displacing The Spiritual Forces Around you by Dawna De Silva

Shifting Atmospheres by Dawna DeSilva

This Book is easy to read and get into, however it leaves you with areas in your life that need to be worked on.  Dawna gives tools to start shifting our own atmospheres and encourages people to start right there, in their own lives. Three times in the book tables are given to clarify/summarise things she has learnt over her journey, which are very helpful.   On Page 106 the difference been healthy normal and unhealthy normal is tabled.  Reading through this table clearly gives an indication of how healthy you are.  Not only is the table there but she gives practical activities to talk over these issues with the Father and how to be released.  Page 135 discusses what we need to renounce and replace.  And page 148 has a table that clearly shows the lies and the mindset that goes with these lies.  Again she gives practical assistance on how to release theses mindsets.  If you are truly looking to change the atmosphere around you and be closer to our Father, then this is a book for you.  Dawna is real and down to earth, sharing that she hasn’t always dealt with demons in the correct way but knows and encourages others to know where our authority is, and “When it comes to dealing with principalities, powers, and world rulers, our most effective method of warfare is to displace their authority rather than to cast them out.” Pg 163/4.

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