I heard about Unvale the Prophetic from Kathy while we were working in the same building together. She told me about a website her and her husband had been working on and recommend I give it a go. Now, I knew Kathy from our interactions at work however I had never met Jeff and this had me unsure of how by simply putting my name down on the receive a word link in the Unvale website would be enough for them both to be able to speak relevantly and powerfully into my life and situations I was in. But that's exactly what happened. The word I received was so uplifting and encouraging and frighteningly spot on, speaking into questions I was asking about myself that i'd never shared with anyone and giving encouragement so specificly to things I was experiencing and dealing with at the time. I still hold onto to so much of the word that was given to me and it continues to be an encouragement to me to this day. It was so spot on and life giving that I have told my friends they need to try and have made my parents do it as well.

At the end of the day even if you are hesitant or unsure, know it's two incredibly God loving people who are very careful and gifted in listening to the promptings and voice of God that will be praying for you and that want to encourage you, I can't think of a reason why anyone wouldn't want that.

Matt, Lara, Victoria

The Unvale ministry was a huge blessing to me at a significant transition time in my life. Just knowing that people who didn't know my situation were seeking God for me made me feel so loved and valued.

The words given were accurate and have traveled with me as I have agreed and resonated with them. Kathy and Jeff know the heart of father God and this is reflected in the prophetic words they give. I would strongly encourage anyone to give Unvale a go!

You will be strengthened and encouraged to walk closer with God than before.

Hannah, Warrandyte, Victoria.

The Prophetic is lacking in the body of Christ but such a needed gift, so I am so excited to see Kathy and Jeff launch this page and website. Bless this ministry abundantly.


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