The Prophetic and Healing Power of your words by Becky Dvorak

Another book that has been a challenge, but for different reasons than my personality type.    

I found this book to be ready to use in a group setting with discussion questions
(and their answers at the back) at the end of each chapter.  It aptly describes Becky’s experiences of seeing God at work in healing many, many people.  In her own family she has adopted children who were very sick, suffering from HIV Aids, autism etc.  These children have been left for dead and indeed those caring for them had decided that they were going to die.  However, Becky, her husband and a supportive group have prayed, believed and spoken out healing over these children and that is what they have seen.  She has seen many miracles.  Becky’s heart is also to empower others to be able to see the miracles that she has seen and gives helpful prayers, declarations, hints on how to get started and how to pick a team. 

The challenge is the topic itself.  Even though I have been a Christian for most of my life I still have many questions for God about healing.  I have seen Him heal here on earth, but I’ve also seen Him heal by taking people home to heaven.  Becky has challenged me to choose my words more careful and to be able to reject the ones that don’t speak life.  I will continue to mull over her teachings and reach to God for more answers. 

I admire Becky’s stand and strength in Christ, her words to speak life and encouragement and her clear simple faith in the Lord to do amazing miracles.  Below are a few of my favourite quotes from the book: 

Pg 15 “He asks you to pick up your responsibility and open up your mouth and release prophetic healing, not so that you can make your temporal abode more comfy, but to bring increase to His Kingdom for His glory, not yours.”

Pg 232 “Jesus cleared the path for you to tap into his explosive miracle-working ability with the power of your words.  You agree to deactivate the deadly acts of satan against your body and activate Jehovah Rapha’s life-giving power and create or recreate what you have need of for yourself, by thew correct usage of your spoken words.” 

Pg 236 “Yes, glory to God indeed!  We have the power of life and death in the tongue, and those of us who will activate this supernatural power and speaking forth prophetic healing power will enjoy the fruit this miracle-working power produces.” 

Definitely worth a read, that will truly get you thinking and maybe even believing for more Kingdom miracles to occur!!

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