The Prophetic Voice of God by Lana Vawser

The Prophetic Voice of God by Lana Vawser

I loved this book!!!  Not only is it written by an Aussie woman, but she is just speaking my language and declaring the things of God over my heart.  Lana shares quite openly her challenges and her discoveries as she has journeyed with God.  I can easily relate to these and love her realness.

Throughout the book Lana is encouraging people to spend their time with God, find their secret place with him as in the scripture below:

There is a private place reserved for the lovers of God where they sit near Him and receive the revelation – secrets of His promises.  Psalm 25:14 TPT

 She also encourages her readers to know the Word and when God is giving a word or talking about a certain subject to go the Scriptures, know them.  This is also a way of confirming that you are hearing his voice, as everything that he says is in line with Scripture.

At the end of every chapter there is a prayer, decree and sometimes an activation.  These are an awesome opportunity to make it real in your own life.  I have even journaled around these decrees and talked to God about them.  They are fantastic and things that I really want released in my own life.

In my own life I want a deeper relationship with Jesus, the ability to hear and know his voice more and as an awesome consequence to share what I learn and His heart for those around me.  I want to be someone who knows that I carry the power of God inside of me and be ready to listen to God and be His light wherever He wants me to.   As I read the pages of this book, Lana’s obvious heart for the Lord and the Holy Spirit (who was definitely activated) encouraged me, challenged me and drew me closer to the Father.

If you are longing for more of God, want to share His words or you simply need to be encouraged then I implore you to get this book and start reading.  Wait and watch as you see the Father draw you closer!!

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